The importance of Karate training

“KARATE”-an oriental system of unarmed combat using the hands and feet to deliver and block blows.

Summers are nearing and parents who want their kids to be active and stand out look for several innovative options to engage their kids. Working parents who do not have any plans this summer must be wondering what can be the best option to stay back and burn some energy. The culture and myth that we are all raised in has left an impact in our minds that karate training is not a great idea for kids especially girls.

Having brought up by playing video games, watching TV shows and action centred movies filled with violence and gory injuries, leaves us surprised that karate is actually beneficial to kids for their physical and mental development. Every day we come across some or the other incidents of crime against women, which gives us a clear picture of the most alarming situations in the current scenario that self-defence is a must. To defend ones dignity or their loved ones, it is vital to get trained to safeguard one’s self from the most unexpected mishaps. Hence Karate training is one such self-defence coaching which trains your thinking and reacting power at the same time, mentally prepares you to safeguard one’s self. Hence, the importance of Karate falls in place in such situations. Having said that worldwide ratio of females opting for martial arts like Karate is way lesser than males due to the stereotype culture being carried in our society.

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