History of Shotokan Japanese Sports Center

Shotokan Japanese Sports Center was established in 1979 in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates, as the first official martial arts club in the region. The founder of Shotokan Japanese Sports Center (SJSC), Master Abdul Rahman Al Hadad came to UAE in 1975. He tried his best and put all his efforts to start Karate as a sport with rules and regulations.

His efforts came to success in 1979 when the Ministry of Youth and Sports agreed to license a karate center under the name of Shotokan Japanese Sports Center and that was the beginning for the Karate in UAE. In the early days, the founder had one vision, which was to establish a generation with the body, spirit and manners of a karateka . In SJSC, teaching the essence of karate was a priority. More than five thousand became karatekas, hundreds of them had their black belts and some become instructors as well.

SJSC spread karate in every possible way, through demonstrations, TV programs, competitions, seminars and courses. Throughout the years of this sport became very well known and noticed worldwide. With connections around the globe, SJSC turned into a very powerful competitor in so many international championships. It is worth to mention the famous Najmeddin Al Hadad, son of the founder and the youngest black belt 5th Dan holder in the world and in the history of karate, an international champion and instructor.

Significant highlights in the history of SJSC:

  • Year 1986, the members of SJSC performed a live chess game with karate movements at the opening ceremony of the Chess Olympiad in Dubai, which was broadcasted, live all around the world.
  • Year 1987, Shihan Hadad published a series of lessons on Dubai TV with more than 25 episodes
  • Year 2000, SJSC joined the King’s world karate championship in Jordan and won the gold medal
  • In Years 2007 and 2008, SJSC joined the world karate championship in Cyprus and won the first position and the gold medal